Dr. Karina Urbach

Senior Research Fellow
Institute of Historical Research
University of London

Karina Urbach


German and British cultural and political relations in the 19th and 20th century; History of International Relations and History of Secret Intelligence; Jewish history.

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July 2009: Second Doctorate (Habilitation).

1996: Ph.D. Degree, University of Cambridge. Thesis: Lord Odo Russell's Embassy at Berlin and British-German Relations 1870-78.

1992: Master of Philosophy in International Relations, University of Cambridge; Dissertation: The British Decision-Making Process during the Rhineland Crisis of 1936.

1991: BA (Zwischenprüfung) Modern History, Politics and Medieval History at Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich.

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Since 2009: Senior Research Fellow, IHR, University of London.

2015-2021: Longterm Visitor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton.

2004-2009: Research Fellow, German Historical Institute London.

2001-2004: Habilitations-Prize (Independent research financed by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture).

1996-2001: Assistant Professor (C I) Department of Modern History, University Bayreuth. Teaching 19th and 20th century European history.

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1991-92: German Academic Exchange Service Scholarship for Cambridge.

1993-94: Kurt Hahn Trust Scholarship, University of Cambridge.

1996: Scholarship awarded by the German Historical Institute, London.

2001-2003: Bayerischer Habilitationsförderpreis (awarded by the Bavarian Ministry of Culture)

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A selection of publications has been digitized, see:

Albert - The Digital Repository of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton


Alice's book

Link to English clip | German clip
A reading from ALICE'S BOOK (in German)

Das Buch Alice (Alice's Book), How the Nazis stole my grandmother’s cookbook, Propyläen, September 2020.

Karina Urbach not only reconstructs individual fates from family correspondence and tape interviews from her grandmother's estate, she also draws on a myriad of archives. [...] The fact that she - a traditional historian who is aware of the dangers of a lack of emotional distance - manages this without sentimentality is an achievement in itself. The facts are moving enough.
-- Walter Schübler ― Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

What the historian has brought to light is perfect film material - persecution, murder, fraud, imprisonment, escape, rescue, friendship, secret service activities, rise, fall and a new beginning . . . And Urbach's writing is exciting, cinematic.
-- Susanne Kippenberger ― Tagespiegel

A remarkable book . . . The author describes the slow expropriation of Alice Urbach - a fate she shared with many Jewish authors.
-- Martin Doerry ― Spiegel

Exciting, moving, informative - this family memoir belongs on the bestseller list. Simply terrific!
-- Mike Altwicker ― WDR

Go Betweens for Hitler, Oxford University Press 2015. Link to YouTube video

Link to lecture at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton 22nd January 2016

Karina Urbach

Link to Hay Festival June 2016

Link to video from the Frankfurt Bookfair October 2016

German translation: Hitlers heimliche Helfer, WBG Darmstadt 2016. Link to YouTube video

Selected by History Today as one of the best books of 2015

A fascinating page-turner about Hitler's secret diplomacy in the 1930s, which was intended to secure British amity and then neutrality when he led Germany to war ... Urbach combed her way through archives across Europe to construct this image of a decaying aristocracy using their connections in the cultivation of appeasers in Britain. They were not without influence.
Lawrence Goldman, Books of the Year 2015, History Today

Diplomatic historians have mostly stuck to official documents. Urbach's engrossing and well-researched book constitutes an argument for extending the history of international relations to cover the kind of informal networks she describes.
Richard J Evans, London Review of Books, 17th March 2016

[An] excellent book... Urbach has alighted upon a little studied and rather fascinating phenomenon; that of the aristocratic amateur ambassador, the titled back-stairs diplomatist.
The Times, Roger Moorehouse

Just when one thinks every possible aspect of this war has been covered, along comes a surprise. Such is Karina Urbach's highly original new book, Go-Betweens for Hitler... an unsurpassable work on this intriguing subject.
Daily Telegraph, Simon Heffer

Urbach has written a book that is as stimulating as it is entertaining, and one which deserves a wide readership.
Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Christopher Dowe

Edited Books:


  • England is pro-Hitler. German opinions during the Czechoslovakian crisis, in: Julie Gottlieb/Daniel Hucker/Richard Toye (eds.), The Munich Crisis, politics and the people, Manchester University Press 2020
  • 1871. Gründung des Deutschen Reiches – Kaiserproklamation in Versailles, in: Andreas Fahrmeir (ed.), Deutschland. Globalgeschichte einer Nation, München 2020.
  • Nützliche Idioten. Die Hohenzollern und Hitler, in: Thomas Biskup/Jürgen Luh/Truc Vu Minh (eds.):Preußendämmerung. Die Abdankung der Hohenzollern und das Ende Preußens, Heidelberg 2019.
    Updated and extended translation: Useful Idiots. The Hohenzollern and Hitler, in: Historical Research, August 2020 (see for Hohenzollern restitution claims: https://www.ias.edu/ideas/urbach-hohenzollern)
  • Wer die Queen anschaut, sieht britische Geschichte, in: Bettina Musall/Eva-Maria Schnurr (eds.), Britanniens Krone, DVA Munich 2015
  • The Creative Consort: New Sources on Prince Albert, in: Charles Beem and Miles Taylor (eds.), The Man Behind the Throne: The Male Consort in History, London 2015
  • Introduction, in: Jonathan Haslam; Karina Urbach (eds.), Secret Intelligence and the International Relations of Europe in the 20thC, Stanford University Press 2013
  • In defence of Albert. An Introduction, in: Theodore Martin, Life of the Prince Consort, London 2012
  • Das Viktorianische Wunderland, in: DAMALS, November Issue 11/2011
  • 'Man muss seine Angst zähmen', in Simone Fässler (ed.): Ilse Aichinger, Es muss gar nichts bleiben. Interviews 1952-2005, Vienna 2011
  • 'Netzwerk', in: Michael Maaser und Gerrit Walther (eds.), Bildung: Ziele und Formen, Traditionen und Systeme, Medien und Akteure, Stuttgart 2010
  • 'Bismarck: Der Kriegsdienstverweigerer als Kriegsherr', in: Simms/Urbach (eds.), Statesmen and War, München 2010
  • 'Royal Kinship', in: Karina Urbach (ed.), Royal Kinship. British-German Family Networks 1815-1914, München 2008 pp 13-23
  • 'Moscow is making war on England'. Politische Ängste und antidemokratische Konzepte britischer Eliten in der Zwischenkriegszeit', in: Christoph Gusy (ed.), Demokratie in der Krise: Europa in der Zwischenkriegszeit, Interdisziplinäre Studien zu Recht und Staat, Baden Baden 2008, pp. 144-154
  • 'Introduction' and 'Age of no Extremes? The British aristocracy between the House of Lords and the Mosley Movement,' in: Karina Urbach (ed.), European Aristocracies and the Radical Right. 1918-1939, Oxford University Press 2007, pp. 1-12 and 53-71
  • 'Das Bismarck-Bild in Großbritannien', in: Klaus Hildebrand/Edward Kolb (eds.): Otto von Bismarck im zeitgenössischen Urteil Europas, , Paderborn 2005, pp. 167-181
  • 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Gladstone, Ireland and Pope Leo XIII, 1881-1885/86', in: Vincent Viaenne (Hg.): The Vatican, Catholic Opinion and the International Order at the Time of Leo XIII (1878-1903), Löwen 2005
  • 'Standesherr, Mediatisierter Adel, Mediatisierung, Kolonialadel, Verein der deutschen Standesherren, St. Michael-Verein deutscher Edelleute, Verein katholischer Edelleute, leisure class, Depossedierung' in: Eckart Conze (Hg.): Kleines Adelslexikon, München 2005. Pp 220-21; 163-64; 232; 214-215; 232-233; 154; 60-61
  • 'Prince Albert and Lord Palmerston: Battle Royal', in: Franz Bosbach and John Davis, Prince Albert - A Wettin in Britain, München 2004. (also published in David Brown and Miles Taylor (eds.), Palmeston Studies, Vol. 1, Southampton 2007, pp. 127-143
  • 'Diplomat, Höfling, Verbandsfunktionär. Süddeutsche Standesherren 1880-1945', in: Markus Denzel/Günther Schulz, Elitenforschung: Adel im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, Büdinger Gespräche, 2004, pp. 353-375
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  • 'Adel versus Bürgertum. überlebens- und Aufstiegsstrategien im deutsch-britischen Vergleich.' in: Franz Bosbach/Keith Robbins/Karina Urbach (eds.), Geburt oder Leistung ? Birth or Talent ? The Formation of Elites in a British-German Comparison, München 2003, pp.25-42
  • 'Constantin Rößler,' in: Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften (ed.), Neue Deutsche Biographie, München 2003, p. 750
  • 'Das schwarze Buch. Kollektive Paranoia im Ersten Weltkrieg', in: Andreas Fahrmeir/Sabine Freitag (eds.), Mord und andere Kleinigkeiten, München 2001 (translated into Turkish: Cinayet ve diger Ufak Tefek Isler, Istanbul 2002)
  • 'Zeitgeist als Ortsgeist. Die Emigration als Schlüsselerlebnis deutscher Historiker,' in: Hermann Hiery (ed.): Der Zeitgeist und die Historie, Dettelbach 2001. Pp 161-181

Review articles:

  • Flirting with Hitler. Biographies of the German and British Nobility in the Interwar Years, Review Article, Bulletin of the German Historical Institute, May 2007, pp. 64-75
  • 'Diplomatic History since the Cultural Turn', in: Historical Journal, Cambridge University Press, 2003, pp. 991-997
  • 'Between Saviour and Villain: 100 years of Bismarck Biographies,' in: Historical Journal, Vol. 41, 1998. Pp. 1141-1160 (translated for Chinesische Deutschland Studien, Shanghai 3/2000, p.38 ff)

Conference Reports:

  • Keeping Secrets. How important was Intelligence for the Conduct of International Relations 1914-1989?, GHIL Bulletin November 2008, pp. 144-156
  • European Aristocracies and the Radical Right, GHIL Bulletin, 2005

Book Reviews in:

The Literary Review, The English Historical Review, The Historical Journal, History, Historische Zeitschrift, Urban History, Vierteljahrschrift für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte, Forschungen zur Brandenburgischen und Preußischen Geschichte, Francia, Internetzeitschrift 'Sehepunkte', Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Süddeutsche Zeitung.

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Antisemitism- Past and Present
5th February 2020
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Patricia Clavin (Oxford) on Brexit
27th March 2019
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Rana Mitter (Oxford) on China
6th February 2019
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Video about Cambridge 5 (mp4, file size 283 MB)

Cambridge 5, Limes/Random House Germany 2017 (under the pseudonym Hannah Coler).

Czech translation 2019

Nominated for the Friedrich Glauser Prize and the Victor Crime Award.

Winner of the Crime Cologne Award 2018

Karina Urbach Wins Crime Cologne Award 2018

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Peeping through the chinks in the royal armour
Karina Urbach, 6 August 2015

Behind the infant Queen's gesture lies a dark history of aristocratic Nazi links
Karina Urbach, The Guardian, 19 July 2015

Royals told: open archives on family ties to Nazi regime
Jamie Doward and Tracy McVeigh, The Guardian, 18 July 2015

Now let us see royal letters from 1930s
Valentine Low, The Times, 21 July 2015

What Secrets Are the Royal Family Hiding?
Thomas K. Grose, U.S.News 23 July 2015

Interview von Alexander Menden
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 21 June 2015

La conexión de Eduardo VIII con Hitler pasó por la España de Franco
Carlos Fresneda, El Mundo 20 July 2015

Britisches Königshaus: Royals wollen gegen Veröffentlichung von Hitlergruß-Video vorgehen
Spiegel Online, 19 July 2015

Die Royals haben sich erst gegen Hitler gestellt, als der Krieg ausbrach
Stern, 20 July 2015

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    Sir Tony Robinson and Karina Urbach
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