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Karina Urbach looks at documents.


Scene from the ARTE documentary Alice’s Book. How the Nazis stole my grandmother’s cookbook, 2022
German television, NDR, Talk show DAS!

Dr. Karina Urbach is a German/British historian and prize-winning novelist. She took her PhD at the University of Cambridge and did her second doctorate (Habilitation) in 2009.

Karina has taught at German and British Universities and researched her latest project at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton: Alice’s Book. How the Nazis stole my grandmother’s cookbook was translated into six languages and became an award-winning documentary.

Karina writes the regular column Blast from the Past for the German Tageszeitung (TAZ). She has contributed to the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Literary Review, Die Zeit, Die Frankfurter Allgemeine (FAZ) and has been a talking head in BBC, PBS and German television programmes.

She lives with her family in Cambridge, England.